Open Arms – First Open Letter to the Spanish Ambassador in in Italy

For the attention of H.E. the Spanish Ambassador in Italy,
Alfonso Dastis.


we regret once again to represent that a Spanish ship, the OPEN ARMS, in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic, risks involving Spain in a guilty partnership with the crimes carried out by the human trafficking bandits in the Mediterranean Sea and Libya. I suggest removing your flag immediately from the mast of the slave ship “OPEN ARMS”, funded by the organisations of Spanish society. I suggest that you promptly report to your Government in Madrid the danger these organisations are facing to the point of being involved in international crimes and of being involved in a criminal project where human traffickers, new slavers of the 21st century, are well happy to speculate on the humanitarian initiative that I imagine pushes the Spanish companies to finance this wicked initiative with millions of euros. These millions of euros will go towards promoting the arms and drugs market in Africa and Europe. The problem of illegal migration is not solved at sea, but in Africa. In addition, the landing of illegal migrants in Italy is increasing the COVID-19 infection rate. The OPEN ARMS vessel is now ready to break all international hygiene and health standards, rescue at sea, UN Sea Law, of safety to navigation, of the protection of the marine environment and of the Italian Code of Navigation only for the purpose of loading “illegal migrants who pay slavers to be considered shipwrecked” into its hold. I hope that your Government will be able to grasp the meaning of this letter and understand that, for the common good of our two peoples, it will be able to react promptly to this trap.

Yours respectfully

Nicola De Felice
Rear Admiral upper level (retired)