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Two young Hungarian nationalists murdered

Last Thursday, May 21, two young Hungarian nationalists, 16 and 21 years old, were murdered by a band of gypsies. The tragic event happened in the city of Budapest, where the two victims along with a group of friends were assaulted by a band of gypsies, causing a subsequent fight. The assailants used a knife to snatch the lives of these two young men. Virtually no European mass media has echoed the serious news, which hides a deep-seated problem in Hungary with crime and gypsy mafias taking on disproportionate dimensions. The unemployment, illiteracy and crime rate is five times higher among gypsies than among Hungary’s general and diverse population. Figures from 2003-2004 have estimated that this population has 600,000 individuals in the country, but it is difficult to determine due to the scale used in identifying the members of what is considered the largest ethnic minority in Europe. After six hundred years of presence in the country, they still maintain their isolation, way of life and parallel society to Hungarian society.