Open Arms – First Open Letter to the Spanish Ambassador in in Italy

For the attention of H.E. the Spanish Ambassador in Italy,
Alfonso Dastis.


we regret once again to represent that a Spanish ship, the OPEN ARMS, in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic, risks involving Spain in a guilty partnership with the crimes carried out by the human trafficking bandits in the Mediterranean Sea and Libya. I suggest removing your flag immediately from the mast of the slave ship “OPEN ARMS”, funded by the organisations of Spanish society. I suggest that you promptly report to your Government in Madrid the danger these organisations are facing to the point of being involved in international crimes and of being involved in a criminal project where human traffickers, new slavers of the 21st century, are well happy to speculate on the humanitarian initiative that I imagine pushes the Spanish companies to finance this wicked initiative with millions of euros. These millions of euros will go towards promoting the arms and drugs market in Africa and Europe. The problem of illegal migration is not solved at sea, but in Africa. In addition, the landing of illegal migrants in Italy is increasing the COVID-19 infection rate. The OPEN ARMS vessel is now ready to break all international hygiene and health standards, rescue at sea, UN Sea Law, of safety to navigation, of the protection of the marine environment and of the Italian Code of Navigation only for the purpose of loading “illegal migrants who pay slavers to be considered shipwrecked” into its hold. I hope that your Government will be able to grasp the meaning of this letter and understand that, for the common good of our two peoples, it will be able to react promptly to this trap.

Yours respectfully

Nicola De Felice
Rear Admiral upper level (retired)

Anfifascism Neo-communism Politics

How to Survive Communism in the USA?

By Tom Sunic, Ph.D.

The fundamental mistake made by most American conservatives, both old and new, is to think of communism solely as a violent ideology designed to abolish private property. During the so-called Cold War, they imagined that by mimicking some communist practices they could tone down the very real communist threat and elicit some Soviet sympathy. They should have been more careful what they wished for. The reason why communism fell apart in the early 1990s in the communist East was due to the fact that communist ideologemes, such as the idea of progress, economic equality, and the instauration of a borderless and multiracial society, had been more successfully put into practice in the capitalist West than in the communist East — albeit under a less abrasive name and without resorting to a large scale state terror.

For many Americans, surviving communism is therefore a contradiction in terms given that they have already fully aligned themselves to the System, i.e., “the deep state”, oblivious to its repressive crypto-communistic principles. Unsurviving communism, by contrast, is a destiny of a hapless few who are prepared to live a life of dissent — and also pay a heavy price for their non-conformist views.

Modern day neo-communist BLM and antifascist activists in the US know well that parading with the name of communism could backfire. Their self-ascribed title “antifa” resonates far better in the ears and eyes of the modern media. Many of them, including many of their Democratic party overlords are heirs to a now defunct Homo sovieticus species who once thrived in communist countries of Eastern Europe. The twin brotherhood between former Homo sovieticus and the present Homo americanus has had a very long history irrespective of their often feigned feuds and fake semantic posturing.[i] Given that the US, since its inception, has also been involved in a large number of world-improving projects, not least its century-long messianic virtue-signaling adventures aimed at elevating foreign peoples world-wide to a global City on the Hill, it was to be expected that at some point the communist temptation would gain in popularity in a new garb and hit home in the US. For example, US campuses continue to be the main breeding ground of antifa activists, having now more of their adepts than campuses in Western Europe where, over the last decade, there has been a noticeable recycling to populism and nationalism by many former leftist, but also Jewish authors (Michel Onfray, Alain Soral, Eric Zemmour). In post-communist Eastern Europe, organized antifa groups and their LGBT sidekicks are virtually non-existent, except when temporarily hired and exported by EU or State Department-sponsored NGOs in order to unseat some local populist and anti-globalist ruler. Hatred against antifas in all segments of East European society is understandable given that for many the term antifascism rings the bell of communism. Worth recalling is that words and locutions containing nouns or modifiers related to the word “antifascism” were in surplus in all official communist documents in Eastern Europe, even on marriage certificates, lasting well into the late 1950s. During the Cold War, and without any exception, all East European dissidents were squarely depicted in communist court proceedings as fascist agents.

The brainwashing of young American masses by the word antifascism owes much to the early Bolshevik agitator Leo Trotsky and his collection of essays under the title What is Fascism and how to Fight it,[ii] in which he depicts fascism as the ultimate stage of capitalism and showing how communists in the USA must smash it:

The backwardness of the United State working class is only a relative term. In very many important respects, it is the most progressive working class of the world, technically and in its standard of living…The next historic wave in the United States will be the wave of radicalism of the masses, not fascism. Of course, the war can hinder the radicalization for some time, but then it will give to the radicalization a more tremendous tempo and swing.[iii]

The recent antifa riots in many large cities in USA are also a belated follow-up on riots carried out by antifa “sixty-eigthers” half a century ago all over the West. [iv] They were successful in imposing communist cultural hegemony in higher education and in paving the way, a decade later, for the political takeover by the Left. Sixty-eighters spawned the modern-day antifa. However, neither the psychology of sixty-eighters, nor their modern antifa offshoots can be fully grasped if one loses sight of the world order created jointly by the capitalist US and the communist Soviet Union in 1945, both being part of the common antifascist block. In the final analysis, the entire West, with America at the helm, is unable to repudiate modern antifa activists, let alone declare them a terrorist organisation, unless it first revises its own writing of the history of World War II and overhauls its own system of liberal governance.

The antifa mindset

Apart from the Gulag system and the topography of its countless killing fields, Communism must first and foremost be analyzed as an anthropology, or better yet as a widespread social pathology, albeit savored and craved subconsciously by a very large number of its future victims. The obsession with the idea of equality and equal redistribution of goods and capital is as old as humanity itself irrespective of the name this obsession may carry in different countries and epochs. Several undeservedly forgotten authors such as Claude Polin and Alexander Zinoviev, already quoted in TOO on several occasions, long ago noted that it is a deadly mistake to view communism as the terror of the few against many; rather, “it is the terror of all against all at every moment.”

As the flower and crowning glory of communality, communism represents a type of society which is nearest and dearest to the masses no matter how dreadful the potential consequences for them might be.[i]

Long ago I wrote, based on the analyses of these and other authors dealing with the communist anthropology, that the faith in communism presupposes first and foremost a peculiar mindset whose historical realization has been made possible by primordial egalitarian impulses followed by negative socio-biological selection. Throughout man’s biocultural evolution egalitarian instincts have been held in check by cultural institutions and racial in-group constraints. With the advent of the mass multiracial system, deceptively called democracy, resistance to these animalistic and inborn instincts is becoming virtually impossible.

The contemporary USA is a good place to study the proto-communist mindset. The very abstract eighteenth-century Enlightenment-egalitarian-inspired statement in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal” was bound to open up a Pandora box of wishful thinking all over Europe, also opening, two hundred years later, the floodgates of non-European immigration. Those do-good romantic Jeffersonian words had a specific meaning in his epoch and for his fellow travellers; today they are being differently interpreted by US lawyers of Mexican, Asian or African ancestry, let alone by their illiterate or semi-literate, low-IQ clients arriving in droves to America from Asia, Africa, or Latin America.

It is also a great self-delusion common to many American conservatives, both old and new, to imagine that they can avert the rise of communism by preaching the capitalist gospel of permanent economic growth. Contrary to a well-entrenched communist-Trotskyite dogma, communism can very well thrive in and within a capitalist free market economy. In view of the coming shortages of resources and the surge in the surplus of uprooted people, the communist experiment seems to be the only functional and viable system for the future of the world. Unlike any system hitherto in the history of mankind communism offers an effortless society, psychological predictability and economic security, however meager, bleak or frugal they may all be. Worse, communism increases the basest human instincts, which can best be seen in the violent behavior of US antifa rioters. Communism is the ideal system for any multiracial state composed of gregarious masses, consumer-minded citizens and lower-IQ individuals.

It is another well-spread hoax doctored up by Leon Trotsky that communists are archenemies of capitalism. The case of modern China, a country the size of the US, bears witness that in an overpopulated society facing scarce resources, the communist ruling oligarchy can work hand in hand with liberal free marketeers, creating large differences in wealth. Similar to Germany’s numerous antifa organizations, including the powerful and well-funded German Amadeu Antonio Stiftung , the activities of modern day antifa in America are also profusely funded by wealthy financiers, international corporations, and individuals, with a billionaire George Soros being the best known. Finally, from the geopolitical perspective it must not be forgotten that antifascist guerillas during World War II in Europe would have not lasted a week had they not been supported by the US and UK massive financial and military aid handed out to their sponsor in the Soviet Union.

Most American conservatives are supportive of communistic legal practices such as affirmative action, forgetting that the same “positive” racial discrimination legislation, albeit differently worded, was part and parcel of the Soviet system whose goal was to strike a balance between 16 former Soviet republics containing dozens of competing and feuding nationalities and ethnic groups. The passing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 was quite in line with the American Cold War wish to neutralize the Soviet threat by doubling down on the same Soviet legal practices, that is, the re-enactment of the multiracial system already laid down in the Soviet constitution of 1936. But, unlike in the Soviet Union — the dogma of multiculturalism and legal provisions on affirmative action are still alive and kicking in America.

The good news is that even if American communists, under the banner of Antifascism or Democratism, or Liberalism come to power in the US they will soon start eliminating each other. This would be fully in accordance with the iron law of egalitarian entropy, a fact often overlooked by many analysts of communism. The still-strong myth that communists and antifas only enjoyed killing anti-communists and fascists during and after World War II must be dismissed. In fact, ever since their coming to power communists and antifas in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, in 1917 and 1945 respectively, were involved in the orgy of mutual purges and killings. It must be expected that American antifas or liberals, or whatever they may name themselves in the near future, will start, once in power, with similar mutual killings. Virtually all big masterminds of communist mass killings during the pre-WWII and the post-WWII Soviet era, heads of powerful Soviet secret police agencies ( Genrikh Yagoda, Lavrentiy Beria, Nikolai Yezhov, Lev Kamenev ) were at some point demoted or ended up themselves on the gallows erected by their former communist comrades. A fresh example of latent communist entropy transpiring in incessant intra-communist warfare could be observed on the eve of the violent break-up of multicultural communist Yugoslavia in 1991, falsely ascribed by the foreign media to local nationalists. However, a closer look at the profile of major decision makers in seceding ex-Yugoslav republics points to their common communist past. Similarly, on a positive side, if one carefully looks at the pedigree, or reads the early works of some of the best and brightest anti-Communist analysts and writers (Boris Souvarine, Arthur Koestler, George Orwell, Ante Ciliga), one can notice that they were at some point in their life ardent supporters of antifascism and communism.

Reductio ad hitlerum; reductio ad iudaeorom

The language arsenal of modern American antifa activists is another field of study that merits closer psycholinguistic attention. Antifa rioters and their college mentors, along with pro-communist US main media outlets, including a large number of their Democratic party coaches are using a revised communist jargon borrowed from the defunct Soviet Union. The Soviet talk was once the daily menu of the communist propaganda in Eastern Europe, its goal being to dehumanize, demonize and criminalize political opponents. The language processing was simple — it consisted in reversing the meaning of words and redefining political concepts. Similar practice can be observed today in the US amongst modern antifa activists and main media outlets who resort to the principles of reductio ad absurdum, that is, they posit propositions that elicit contradictory yet self-serving conclusions. Along these reductionist lines of verbal sophistry, the process of vilifying Whites as fascists is being facilitated by the methodological tool of reductio ad hitlerum. By now this equation, i.e., Whites = Fascists has become a standard practice in social science studies and in the media in the US. For modern antifa rioters in the US, the word fascism is a pivotal killer-shut-up word. Once uttered it disables any communication. This word, however, has completely lost its original political designation, standing now instead for a synonym of the absolute cosmic evil.

The same verbal demonizing wordings apply to another killer-word i.e. “Nazism,” a derogatory hyperbolic abbreviation of the word in usage since 1945. The word ‘Nazi’, however, was never used in the official National-Socialist documents or academic journals in Germany from 1933–45. Ironically, it first appeared in the late 1920s as a deriding title of the book Der Nazi-Sozi [i] written as a short lampooning manifesto against Jews, Communists and capitalists by Joseph Goebbels, who was to become in 1933 the main figure of the NS German propaganda war.

Using the pejorative word ‘Nazi’ today is the equivalent of the pejorative word “commie”, the difference being, however, that in a polite academic company in the US, or in academic journals nobody would ever use the word ‘commie’ in the description of communists. The whole array of new euphemisms, as well as torrents of killer-words have been manufactured over the last fifty years in the US , such as “white supremacism,” “ hate speech,” “affirmative action,” “Afro-Americans” instead of Negroes, the modifying adjective “Jewish” instead of a more piercing noun ‘Jew’, with most of these words being taken now as a commonplace either when criminalizing political opponents or when praising non-Europeans to the skies. When inspecting the prose of many leftist or Jewish-run journals or pro-Jewish news agencies in the USA, such as the SPLC or ADL, it becomes obvious that they function primarily as antifa educational loudspeakers when blaring on all frequencies the demonizing labels neo-Nazis, white supremacists, or fascists.

Historical amicability of a large number of Jewish-American intellectuals for antifascist projects have been amply documented by Kevin MacDonald. Most Jewish-American authors, for obvious reasons, are pretty tacit when it comes to analyzing the high percentage of leading Communists officials of Jewish origin in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union and their role in early communist-antifa movements, as well as their role in the establishment of repressive communist regimes. The very large overrepresentation of liberal-leftist Jews in the major media and elite academic institutions, as well as in financial contributions to political causes of the left, has also been critical in creating the culture of White guilt and fanning the flames of the communist temptation in contemporary America.

However, reducing the birth and the spread of communism, including its modern version of antifascism to Jewish intellectuals and activists is not the whole story; it means ignoring the all-encompassing, indeed democratic reality of the communist temptation. Gentile communist auxiliaries, reared in the culture of White guilt, operate as willing executioners; they fear being suspected of a lax attitude toward non-communist foes, or harboring themselves latent anti-Semitic feelings, and they often outperform their Jewish-communist comrades. It is no accident that the frontmen in modern antifa riots in US cities today are mostly troubled White individuals who have lost the sense of identity and who, driven by feelings of historical guilt (as is the case with most academics in Germany), look for atonement by becoming the loudest sympathizers or standard-bearers of antifascism.

Removing the communist temptation presupposes cleaning up the swamp, first in American higher education and then in defunding departments of humanities in all colleges. In order to do that, the fallacy of multiculturalism needs to be discarded; it has never worked anywhere in the world. It has always been a recipe for disaster and civil wars all over the world. Abandoned policies of racial segregation must be reconsidered as a viable option for a functional society. It is better to have fences than cohabiting with an alien partner in a fake marriage. Prior to that, however, the whole idea of progress, still strongly embedded in the American dream, needs to be re-examined. Of course, this may all sound like wishful thinking because, as we have seen thousands of times in history, it is the size of someone’s sword which only makes the difference between good and evil.

[1] T. Sunic, prefaced by Kevin MacDonald, Homo americanus; Child of the Postmodern Age (Arktos, 2018), pp. 34-70.

[2] Leon Trotsky (Pathfinder, 1969).

[3] Ibid. „The Perspective in the United States,“ published  first in Fourth International, October 1940.

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[5]  Alexander Zinoviev, The Reality  of Communism (London: Victor Gollancz), p.28.

[6] Joseph Goebbels, Der Nazi-Sozi; Fragen und Antworten für den Nationalsozialisten, (Elberfeld, 1926). In English trans.:


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How to Survive Communism in the USA? Part 1

Gipsies Hungary Nationalism

Two young Hungarian nationalists murdered

Last Thursday, May 21, two young Hungarian nationalists, 16 and 21 years old, were murdered by a band of gypsies. The tragic event happened in the city of Budapest, where the two victims along with a group of friends were assaulted by a band of gypsies, causing a subsequent fight. The assailants used a knife to snatch the lives of these two young men. Virtually no European mass media has echoed the serious news, which hides a deep-seated problem in Hungary with crime and gypsy mafias taking on disproportionate dimensions. The unemployment, illiteracy and crime rate is five times higher among gypsies than among Hungary’s general and diverse population. Figures from 2003-2004 have estimated that this population has 600,000 individuals in the country, but it is difficult to determine due to the scale used in identifying the members of what is considered the largest ethnic minority in Europe. After six hundred years of presence in the country, they still maintain their isolation, way of life and parallel society to Hungarian society.


Interview with Maurizio Blondet: “The Secret Society Skull and Bones, the New World Order and economic plots”

The following interview was conducted by writer and researcher Giuseppe Cosco (Director of the Center for Intelligence and Special Investigations, CIIS) with Maurizio Blondet. Maurizio Blondet is a dissident, traditionalist Catholic investigator who has focused his work on the hidden powers. He has uncovered different power plots around organ trafficking, pedophilia and certain political conspiracies. These works have earned him the systematic attack of the Anti-Defamation League. We reproduce this old interview, which hints at some changes which were already in sight at that time and which today have become reality: the mentions about the Skull and Bones society, through which pass some of the next leaders of the financial political elite of the United States, the plots that some of them carry out from power, or their infiltration into the Church.


Giuseppe Cosco: Doctor Blondet, you have investigated the history of the “Skull and Bones”. What can you tell us about this mysterious secret society?

Maurizio Blondet: This is a secret society, originally reserved for students, and was founded in 1832, when some students from Yale University, one of the leading American universities, were chosen by, say, the American patriciate. There were twelve in number of selected per year. It is well known that Georges Bush Senior, the former President of the United States, was one of them and, before him, his father and, after him, naturally, his son, as far as we can admit that this son can take courses in Yale, which we doubt. The Republican presidential candidate does not have the capacity, in my opinion [note: the interview dates before the election of Bush Junior]. But it can be said with some certainty that he is part of this sect. Maybe not strictly speaking, but he certainly comes from this environment. The Bush family is very close to Harriman’s bankers, who are one of the most powerful groups in the American establishment.

Giuseppe Cosco: Can we say that Skull and Bones also invested in the CIA, because GW Bush, as is well known, was the director of this institution?

Maurizio Blondet: Obviously there is no direct relationship between Skull and Bones and the CIA. Things are not that simple. But it is true that several CIA directors were members of Skull and Bones. In general, the objective of such a society is to form groups of men of the same age, but also intergenerational groups that help each other depending on the circumstances. Something that is also obvious is that we know that the ideology of the brotherhood goes beyond the left and the right. For them, the “right” and the “left” are elements of a dialectic that they take advantage of. Skull and Bones represents a group of Gnostics who very specifically want to participate in all political maneuvers, so much so that they sometimes use the ideology attributed to the “right” and sometimes that attributed to the “left”. These people place themselves above these distinctions anyway. It is no coincidence, for example, that Harriman was the banker appointed ambassador of the United States to the Soviet Union, in this way they could offer very important help to Stalin and his regime, while publicly they have always proclaimed themselves anti-communists. He was part of that group of bankers, whom we no longer remember today, who always supported the Soviet system, even under Gorbachev.

In sixth position on the left, George W Bush.

Giuseppe Cosco: To be admitted to the Skull and Bones Society, do you have to be a US citizen or are personalities from other nations also admitted?

Maurizio Blondet: I don’t know. It seems unlikely to me that non-Americans will participate, although we can single out some Brits as members. But what we can confirm is that there are certainly no Mexicans or Italians.

Giuseppe Cosco: So does the history of the “British Israelites” sect have anything to do with the Skull and Bones Society ?

Maurizio Blondet: As far as I know, the British Israelites are not directly related to Skull and Bones.

Giuseppe CoscoSkull and Bones, since the late 19th century, are suspected of practicing Satanism. Do you think this is likely?

Maurizio Blondet: We can only suspect it. We simply know that there is a ritual with bones, from the Amerindian chief Geronimo, that the group has in its possession. These bones would be kept in a room at Yale, inaccessible to ordinary people, where the initiation ritual takes place every year. The rite is undoubtedly of Masonic origin, as evidenced by its style, where the applicant is found in a coffin, to perpetrate a symbolic ritual of death and rebirth. Then the applicant must reveal things that they are ashamed of and talk about them normally. It is essentially about things related to how you live your sexuality. The ritual must lead to a kind of purification, which also makes this ritual a parody of the Catholic confession.

Giuseppe Cosco: So are you celebrating an esoteric rite?

Maurizio Blondet: Without a doubt. However, it is difficult to say that Satanism is practiced in the strict sense of the term. We also suspect that at some point in the ritual, a priestess intervenes, while the group is made up exclusively of men. Therefore, this woman has a role in this liturgy, but it cannot be defined with certainty.

Giuseppe Cosco: Can we say that former President Clinton was or is part of this Society?

Maurizio Blondet: No. Clinton’s story is different. He received a typically Anglo-Saxon training. He went to study in England and it seems that he acquired a deep disgust for the British universe. Al Gore [note: Vice President during the Clinton administration who would later carry out an environmental plot and who has stepped into the spotlight again during the Greta Thunberg inscenation], on the other hand, is a man from another environment. Al Gore’s family has always been powerful in the American establishment, as has Bush’s, but they are rather part of the establishment considered “red.” Al Gore’s father has always been very close, in commercial terms, to this famous Hammer, a Jew, who was the first to help Lenin. He died at the age of 90, a few years ago, leaving a colossal fortune. Throughout his life, while boasting, he was a Soviet agent. Hammer was very famous: it was he who did the “dirty business” with the Soviet Union and intended to support this political monstrosity, even without the help of the West it would have quickly collapsed. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Al Gore has recently made a “mistake”. A few years ago, the IMF loaned $ 7 billion to the United States in extremely bad conditions. These 7 billion were immediately invested abroad, not a penny entered or invested in Russia. All this money ended up in the account of the “oligarchs”, or of former KGB agents or other personalities, who became “businessmen” in the new Russia.

Al Gore and Greta Thunberg

Giuseppe Cosco: The Skull and Bones company was once defined as an American revival of the Illuminatenorden, or Weisshaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati. What do you think about it?

Maurizio Blondet: It is possible, but I don’t think we can present irrefutable evidence in this regard. We are more likely to face something more general and broader, because the profile of Skull and Bones is not strictly speaking “revolutionary”. It is true that he is internationalist, globalist in the Bush way, but in no way revolutionary.

Giuseppe Cosco: Can we say that this sect is in favor of a global direction, what is called the New World Order?

Maurizio Blondet: That is the meaning that Bush gave it. President Bush (father), during the war against Iraq, was the first to speak openly of the “New World Order” that would emerge as a result of this war. But, from then on, the vicissitudes that animated the planetary chessboard did not unfold exactly as he had thought. In fact, we are dealing with a “New World Order” in action, but we cannot say precisely what the long-term consequences will be. World power is no longer hidden behind the UN mask, but is advancing directly under the stars-and-stripes. The United States remains the only superpower. You no longer need to hide behind the artifice of the United Nations.

Giuseppe Cosco: What is the true face of the so-called “New World Order” that many people consider to be “the highest good”?

Maurizio Blondet: Basically, the “New World Order” is the free movement of capital, even before the free movement of markets, which would be in second place. Then comes the free movement of people, who would be in third position. In fact, on the Mexican border, capital is well accepted, but not people. In this “New World Order”, several current phenomena are explained; Not everyone should be condemned a priori. We need to review some of our usual ideological positions, especially when they are negative. Capitalism, even globalized, works, and not always badly. The countries that benefit from global capitalism are not always “first world” countries, but also countries that are experiencing a revival of vitality and that are reviving their deep cultural peculiarities. This cultural revival was probably not expected. Example: India has become a major software exporter, because all the Indian software giants belong to the Brahmin caste, made up of families in which we know Sanskrit, that is, a classical language, even where they still know an abstract traditional mathematics. Representatives of this breed speak English, produce software in English, which costs less on the world market. Another country affected by globalization would be Spain. This advantage is due to a specific cultural fact. Spain has had an empire for five hundred years. Today, 400 million people speak Spanish worldwide. The Spanish establishment is becoming the dominant economic power in the South American markets. Spanish banks are in the process of acquiring banks in Argentina, Venezuela, etc. I went to Spain recently and noticed that there was no antiglobalist cultural effect, as it exists in France, in Italy and also in Germany. It is no coincidence that antiglobalism takes the face of the left, the one that has generated ineffective world governments.

Giuseppe Cosco: What would you say are the negative aspects of the “New World Order”?

Maurizio Blondet: The negative aspects, obviously, are concentrated in the excess of free movement of purely speculative capital. At the slightest movement of panic, this capital disappears in a few minutes, because now electronic money moves at the speed of telecommunications, suddenly leaving entire countries dry and plunged into serious economic crises. Therefore, the negative elements of the “New World Order” stem from phenomena linked to speculative finance and reveal huge bubbles of unpaid debts. Some Latin American countries experience such effects in a particularly dramatic way. I think for example in Colombia. These countries should specialize in areas where they are competitive. Colombia produces coca. A third of its territory is already controlled by illicit corporations, that have been around for a long time. Obviously a “left” label is given. They are actually made up of drug traffickers, labeled leftists. Richard Grasso the director of the New York Stock Exchange [note: during the years 1995 to 2003] went to visit these de facto terrorists, who terrorized the population, killing children, participating in assaults worthy of Pol Pot of Cambodia, but these events should not have mattered too much to Grasso. Grasso offered to “invest” the money of these mafias in the New York Stock Exchange. If the American financial world is interested in the money of Colombian drug traffickers, it may mean that they will soon legalize so-called hard drugs.

The Director of the Stock Exchange, Richard Grasso, hugs the main negotiator of the FARC guerilla, Commander Raúl Reyes. Photo taken at the end of June 1999 in the “La Machaca” farmhouse in Colombia.

Giuseppe Cosco: Some Catholics are afraid, because the implementation of total globalization will cause the disappearance of the Catholic religion. Do you think this fear is justified?

Maurizio Blondet: Circles wishing for the advent of the “New World Order” are hostile to Catholicism. I’m mainly thinking of Bush. And also of Al Gore. The fight against Catholicism is difficult, it stems from various autonomous phenomena, but I think it is difficult to act directly on the Vatican. The real problem, in my opinion, lies in a kind of final reaction of clerical Catholicism. The Vatican’s high clergy itself seems to adopt a kind of smiling nihilism, which induces them to minimize the strong content of orthodoxy, to provoke major media events, which are ultimately only pure appearances without substance. Things have gone so far that at Christmas, Massimo d’Alema, the head of the left government in Italy, took his wife and children to the midnight mass in Bethlehem [note: In his youth, d’Alema was secretary general of the Italian Communist Party Youth and later leader of the Party. He was the first head of government (1998-2000) of the European Union to come from communism. In 2006 he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy]. It sounds trivial, but it is really surprising: we are dealing with a politician who does not believe in anything and who takes his family to attend, basically, a show of a very suggestive spiritual nature. In my opinion, they want to influence these environments that are now in decline.

Giuseppe Cosco: According to you, is the Church nothing more than a vast suggestive spectacle, destined to impress the masses?

Maurizio Blondet: In fact, we are only dealing with a Church of the spectacle, sponsored by this type of atheistic institutional clericalism, because today there is a deceptive clergy who are on the left and who are atheists. Certain behaviors of the Church, such as the continuous requests for “forgiveness”, leave true Catholics perplexed and, on the contrary, capture the attentive ears of the institutional consensus of the left or of certain layers of the population that was not related to the Church and that it is not religious.